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Our Top Tips for Shaping the Gaming Community

Liz Marchetti,

20 August 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This year’s gamescom celebrates its passionate gaming community via the theme ‘Together We Are Games.’ Now more than ever, gamers are a fundamental part of the industry, to the extent of driving trends and shaping the game development process. Ahead of gamescom, our Head of Gaming Frédéric Hatanian, shared some key tips on how to take an active part in shaping the gaming community and contribute to this exciting phenomenon.

Unlock the full article with our expert tips on VR/AR Pioneers, where the article originally appeared. Alternatively, enjoy a short excerpt below:

Interact with your peers and share or gather feedback in forums

Never before have game developers involved the community as closely in the making of new titles. In our experience, there are several channels you can use to gather feedback during game development and knowledge-swapping with other developers – they include Twitter and YouTube.

Implement a system to filter gamers’ feedback

With so many channels to gather user reviews these days, the bigger challenge may come from filtering the comments and understanding who to listen to, rather than gather it. Whatever the tool you use, our top tip is: don’t try to please everyone and really look at the quality of the comment (some are more constructive than others).

Attend events and industry-leading conferences

To make the most of industry events, arrive prepared and organized! Here is a list of key conferences we have tried-and-tested and have found the most valuable:
gamescom ; GDC; E3; GamesBeat, PocketGamer Connects and Casual Connect.

Join a gaming association

Gaming associations ensure that your voice is being heard and keep you up-to-date with the latest developments, amongst other benefits. We share a list of our suggested organizations in the published piece.

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